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Customer Care Center

If you have questions regarding your account, please call us or email us directly. If you have an outage, please contact the Utility directly at the Energency/Outage contacts provider.

National Gas & Electric Support

  • PHONE: 888-442-0002
    7am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri

  • EMAIL:

Important Questions:
Below are a few of the most important questions we get asked.

About National Gas & Electric2020-06-01T19:43:50+01:00

Who is National Gas & Electric?
National Gas & Electric (known to many as “National”) is a deregulated supplier of electricity and natural gas. National provides service to most major markets in Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Houston, Texas’ “Energy Corridor” our company is run by a team of seasoned energy professional that have been in the business since the beginning of energy deregulation in the 1990’s. Learn more

New Customer Enrollment2020-06-01T19:43:42+01:00

How do I check rates and sign up?
You can check rates and enroll online by through our online enrollments tool. You can also get rates and enroll over the phone by calling us at 888-442-0002 during our standard business hours. To sign up you’ll need your utility account number handy.

Online Account Management2020-06-01T19:43:32+01:00

How do I access my account online?
Log into your account to view usage and billing information. Click here If you need to retrieve your username and/or password.

Renewing Service2020-06-01T19:43:25+01:00

How do I renew my service?
To view special renewal rates and enroll in a renewal plan log into your account, then select the plan which best suits your energy needs. Or call us at 888-442-0002 and we’ll be happy to walk you through the great renewal options we have available to you.

Cancelling Service2020-06-01T19:43:16+01:00

Do I need to notify National that I am cancelling?
Yes, you should call National if you plan on ending service. Please call us at 888-442-0002. Calling allows National to resolve any early termination fees issues, discuss your account, and help ensure a trouble free transfer without service interruption or billing issues.


Why is my bill a lot higher this month?
The supply portion of your energy bill is driven by two primary factors, your rate/fees and your usage. If your rate/fees stays the same, but if your usage increases dramatically, your bill will increase dramatically. The primary factor impacting usage is the weather. During extreme cold or hot weather your energy usage will increase significantly to heat or cool your home. If you’re under a fixed rate your rate/fees should not change during your term. If you’re seeing rate increased after your term, and you’d like to understand these charges give us a call at 888-442-0002 to discuss your bill in more detail.

Feedback & Complaints2020-06-01T19:42:49+01:00

How do I file a complaint?
First off we’re very sorry to hear you’re unsatisfied. We’re eager to understand your concerns and try to make it right. The following process is the best and fastest way to get your issue resolved. The first step is to communicate with our customer service department by phone at 888-442-0002 or by email at If our customer service department is unable to resolve your concerns you can escalate the issue to our management team by filling out our complaint form. All complaints are reviewed by National’s management to ensure your issues are properly addressed.

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